Keeping Big Pharma At Bay

The one thing you can be sure of is that the powers-that-be in big pharma are feverishly working to extract the compounds that make cannabis work so well to ease your migraines, or alleviate your pain so that they can put it in pill form and sell it!


The High Life After 50

I once asked my mother if she felt “different” at 51 (I was 20-something at the time), and her answer surprised me. She said that she felt the same inside as she always had and that the person looking back at her in the mirror often caught her off-guard because she always expected to see the person she was inside. I guess I expected that as we grew older on the outside, we changed inside to match – that your insecurities and fears somehow faded and a calm self-assurance took their place. At least, that’s what it looked like from the outside.

I am now 54 years old and I get it. I feel the same surprise when I look in the mirror or see a photo of myself… good God! Who is that old woman? I don’t know why I’m surprised because along with the gray hair and crow’s feet, come a remarkable number of annoying little ailments…