Keeping Big Pharma At Bay


The one thing you can be sure of is that the powers-that-be in big pharma are feverishly working to extract the compounds that make cannabis work so well to ease your migraines, or alleviate your pain so that they can put it in pill form and sell it!

For those of us who understand that getting your vitamin C from broccoli and oranges is better for you than popping a pill, we simply pooh-pooh the idea and go about the business of growing and processing our own quality cannabis products. For me, it’s brownies, canna-oil, and tincture. We might not see the devil lurking in the backroom meetings under the capitol dome…in other words, we might not see the need to spread the word to other users to be ever vigilant and keep things simple and in the hands of the end users.

Why does it matter? Do you think for one moment that big pharma will stop at being able to offer an easy-to-use pill? Nope. They will use their very deep pockets to ensure that the laws are changed in their favor, that the only products allowed on the market are THEIR products!

So keep on doin’ what you’re doin’ for your own use, but keep an eye on those slippery so-and-sos to keep them from taking us all down that slippery slope!

For more information on the specifics of whole plant medicine, visit:



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